Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Done memory lane

We all have a best friend. But I always wonder, how does this one person make such a huge impact on us that all else stands null and void. This one person makes all the difference. How is it that none of the rules and boundaries that exist in a normal friendship don't exist between these two best friends. Today it's time for me to reminisce those memories.

Six years ago, I met her for the first time. Never would I've imagined at that time, that we would end up being best of friends. I hardly spoke to her the first few months. As days flew by we spoke more often. I guess, for two friends to be so close they need to have a strong foundation to build their friendship upon. Well the understanding, care and support she showed during a couple of my misfortunes that year, became the perfect foundation on which we built our friendship. Those were the worst few days of my life. And she was the only one there. She had seen me weep and she had seen my heart broken. But she was there to heal me and guide me.

As years went on, we studied the same things for exams, went to the same classes, ate from the same tiffin, watched the same movies, spoke on the phone for hours, shared secrets and so much more. But even two best friends sometimes fight. And we had ours. Quite a few in the early days.
Some wise man once said, "Only when you fight with your loved one, do you realize their worth." I remember the last time I fought with her. I had not spoken to her for 2 days. On the second day we were about to leave college. A handful of friends and I were left behind taking down a few notes. As all of my friends and my best friend, with whom I wasn't on talking terms, were done taking down the notes, they started to leave and I was the only one left behind. I watched my friends walk away, without even realizing that i was left behind. But I also noticed that, as my best friend closed in on the staircase, her every step was slower and smaller than her previous one. And as she reached the staircase, she stopped. Turned around and waited. She was the only one who waited. Though in hindsight it was a small gesture between two friends, but it was the meaning behind it, that truly mattered. It meant that no matter what the circumstances, even when everyone else in
this world leaves my side, SHE would be there.

Though since then we have chosen our separate career paths, been separated by seven oceans, the bond that we share hasn't weakened one bit. She's still the one I share every joy and sorrow with. She's still the first person I go to when i need guidance and advice.

[To my best friend]:
I'll save you from all the dogs, don't worry. And I'll always be there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The believers and the non-believers

To understand the post wholly, please
Watch this video:
Then read this post :
To start with I would like to mention, that I am not sure if I believe in God or not. There is a part of me which understands science, evolution, Darwin's theory, etc. There is also the human part of me, which wants to believe that there is a supernatural being aka GOD out there looking after me always ready to help me and guide me when I need him. Personally, I feel that most people believe in him for this reason. To back up my theory I would like to mention that in Christianity, they preach about 'A Rich Man's Prayer', which explains that the rich and powerful are less like to believe in God as compared to the common man, since they can get whatever they want more easily as compared to the common man, who has to depend on powers greater than him to fulfill his desires.

Coming to the video, I don't think it is trying to show that only Atheists achieve greatness. I think its purpose was to show that EVEN atheists can achieve greatness just like any believer of GOD.

Let me remind you that I'm neither in a believer or non-believer of GOD, because personally I don't understand either concept wholly. But since you have put forth your argument in favour of the Believers, I would like to propose an argument in favour of the Atheists. There so many believers, all from different religions, and most of the religions you have probably heard of, are fighting each other, without understanding their religion and its preaching. For they believe theirs is the true religion or theirs is the only God, and several such reasons. The comical part here is that most of the religions preach the same idea, just in different languages and examples. But have you heard of atheists fighting each other over such issues??

Let me ask you? Do you really believe a piece of rock/mud/wax can drink milk or excrete milk? Or the face of God can appear on a potato or a burnt slice of bread? If you do, I'm sorry to say your education has failed you my friend. But if your answer is 'no', then aren't leaning into the realm of atheism, where GOD can't perform such supernatural acts?

In my own personal experience, there have been years when I've believed in GOD and years when I've been an atheist. What I realized was I never achieved anything by praying to GOD. But I ended up blaming him for not achieving my goals. But when I was an atheist I no longer had GOD to blame for my downfalls and short comings. It was only me.

I would like to conclude my argument saying that don't blindly believe in GOD just because people have been believing in it for centuries. Always remember that for hundreds of centuries people also believed that the sun revolved around the earth and the earth is flat. So the only being you should truly believe in, is YOURSELF.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The First one!!!

well this is not the first blog I'm starting. But this is the first one which is going to be about me. About my life. About my joy, and about my sadness. About my friends and the not-so-close-ones. About my likes and about my dislikes.